The one man Celtic Folk Rock collective.

Traditional Irish music...sort of....

Paddy O'Turner (aka Patric, without a K, Turner) the seventh son of the seventh son of a guitar maker was dragged around folk festivals as a young boy and made to learn the violin. He was usually the bow going in the wrong direction in the orchestra so gave up violin forever (or so he thought at the time) in favour of a guitar. He learned to Rock, he learned to roll, he learned to set houses on fire.

A guitar , a fiddle, a banjo, another guitar, a mandolin, vocals sometimes an OP1 and a loop station called Seamus McMurphy.
Traditional Irish music played on some (and some not) traditional instruments in an un-traditional way.

"I've never been to Ireland, but my grandmothers grandmother on my grandmothers side was from County Claire"

"Wickedly Talented"